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粉絲為電影Rogue One自製的傳統星戰電影開頭

首部星戰外傳電影《Rogue One: A Star Wars Story》打破了星戰電影的傳統──沒有傳統黃色字幕作開頭,有粉絲不習慣這個改變,利用了網站brorlandi的線上工具,為電影Rogue One補回傳統黃色字幕的電影開頭,並自行寫上故事開頭簡介。


The Jedi are all but extinct, the Republic has fallen and in their wake, the Galactic Empire has engulfed the far reaches of the galaxy in fear.

Persecuted members of the Old Republic have been thrust into hiding. Only members of the REBEL ALLIANCE dare take a stand against the ruthless Imperial forces.

Deep in the Outer Rim territories, the dastardly Director Krennic has discovered the location of a long lost friend; one capable of completing the Empire’s most powerful weapon yet…

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居住於香港的星戰毒男,沉迷於科幻及文字世界。夢想訪問George Lucas、一眾星戰導演及演員、參觀美國天行者牧場、提早退休寫書。

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