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Brief interview with Hot Toys at Toy Fair TOY SOUL 2014


I was very lucky to have the brief interview with the President of Hot Toys Mr. Howard Chan at 2014 Hong Kong toy exhibition TOY SOUL. We briefly talked about the development of Hot Toys: Star Wars figure.

1) Can you talk about how did you get the copyright?
Howard: As EP VII announced film making, Hot Toys has already contacted officials over the topic of making Star Wars figure. At the beginning, there was some pressure due to the existing long-term cooperative relationship between Lucasfilm and Sideshow Collectibles, as well as unfamiliarity to Hot Toys. However, with great efforts and much coordination made by Hot Toys team , we got the copyright in the second half of this year.

2) In the passed 3 months (September -December of 2014), 7 figures have been published (5 were available for booking, 2 stays in photo). It seems that a tight route needs to be taken. Can you say something about that?
Howard: Actually there is no such an agenda. After considering technical problems and production time, we hope to launch high quality figure and classical Star Wars characters at first. And others reason is my personal preference to some characters is also within consideration. Haha.

3) Continued to above, does this mean figure will be launched according to movie schedule?
Howard: No, we will launch them according to marketing needs and fixed scheme.

4) Is there a plan for vehicles?
Howard :Ha, take a guess.

5) Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles are partners, as well as rivals at the same time. What do you think of this relationship?
Howard: We have close cooperation in business all the time. Hot Toys is the Asian agent for Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars products, and Sideshow Collectibles is the American agent of Hot Toys. Sideshow Collectibles helped Hot Toys enter American market and gain a good reputation in America.

Besides, we often communicate with each other and share market dynamic, and enlighten each other in technology. Therefore, I see us as brothers instead of rivals. We share the same goals of making high quality figure.

6) Common Shadow Trooper is Black Stormtrooper. Why now it is added with arms and chosen as special version on this toy festival?
Howard: Friends who are familiar with Star Wars know that Shadow Trooper is a character from comic book. Its whole black appearance is special and stylish. So it is made and launched as special version.

7) Continued to above, so what is the reason to choose EP VI Boba Fett 1/4?
Howard: We hope to publish characters out of expectation. The other reason is that I like EP VI Boba Fett very much.

8) Does Hot Toys have any big plans to promote Hot Toys: Star Wars figure and Star Wars movie?
Howard: Currently no, because there are too many things to think about, like itinerancy, promotion direction, team assignment, etc. I believe 2015 is going to be very wonderful. Please wait and see.

Man Kamhttps://www.starwarsbase.com
居住於香港的星戰毒男,沉迷於科幻及文字世界。夢想訪問George Lucas、一眾星戰導演及演員、參觀美國天行者牧場、提早退休寫書。

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