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    Interview with private fitness consultant and designer of Rumbbell – Ryan Lee


    Most people just associate fitness with burlyliness. However, fitness is more than that, which is beneficial to self-cultivation and health. In addition to being famous star personal fitness trainer, Mr. Ryan Lee is a fan of movie “Star Wars”. This time we have the pleasure of visiting Mr. Ryan Lee and talking about movies and fun of work.

    (In order to facilitate reading, hereinafter Mr. Ryan Lee will be short for Ryan, the film STAR WARS for SW)


    1) Thank you very much for taking the time for an interview. Please briefly introduce how you got your career start.
    Ryan: I was engaged in web-related work in the completion of computer courses and worked as part-time fitness trainer at night. I felt like the fitness industry was quite fascinating, so I made up my mind to deepen the ability of this industry, taking efforts to get all kinds of fitness certificates. At that time, fitness center chain was not as popular as now. It cost a considerable amount of time to wait for fitness equipment in the prime time. Therefore, I came up with the idea to establish private fitness room to provide customers with private fitness instruction and personal time of fitness. In 2002, ryanleefitness was officially opened. I opened my own fitness room in Causeway Bay. After 13 years of operation and efforts, I not only own Rumbbell of my design, but also become a personal fitness trainer, fitness columnist and writer of fitness books.

    One of the ideas I promote most is to achieve physical exercise with fitness.


    2) Can you describe the origin of your company’s mascot Rumbbell?
    Ryan: Rumbbell was derived from the combination of dumbbell and my English name Ryan. Rumbbell’s head was composed of 10 dumbbells of different weights. The design concept was come up with rotating a dumbbell dynamically, which finally became Rumbbell’s head shape. And carrying dumbbells meant to do exercise anytime and anywhere.


    I like to collect figure myself, so I would like to create a symbolic figure for the company with a cartoon character, spreading the idea of doing exercise. Otherwise, it is easier to promote the cartoon character to women and children. I hope they like lovely Rumbbell, as well as the significance of promoting fitness behind it.


    3) Do you have any unforgettable experience in work to share?
    Ryan: A lot of people take the wrong idea that fitness needs frequency and weight-bearing, not skills. In fact, fitness requires not only strength but also “skills of strength”. Just as basketball shooting, accuracy is more important than quantity. When conversing in the fitness, it means the brain should coordinate with targeted muscles, playing out the physical strength accurately with muscles, thus achieving specified muscle training, muscle relaxation and exercise effects. The communication between brain and muscle is the MUSCLE MIND fitness concept I founded.

    Once there was a customer who got neck muscles pain all the time, for the force and coordination between the deltoid and trapezius was improper. After learning of the strength method of his body, I corrected his strength improper problems by getting fitness with ideas of strength, so that to eliminate the continuous pain of his muscles.

    I also helped artists create good postures before performances to show their best, including Louis Cheung, Kay Tse, Denise Ho and so on.


    4) Please introduce how you started to be fond of SW.
    Ryan: I was not so fond of SW when I was a kid. I just watched it in the free television and bought a few toys. Until EP II, I saw a large number of Lego’s Stormtroopers and AT-ATs in a shop of In’s Point(Hong Kong well-known toy shopping centre). Then I search related information online and bought 100 Lego’s Stormtroopers from another collector. Toy collector’s mentality is to buy more and more. At the same time, I loved playing the computer game “LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga”, which made me begin to understand the story and the origin of the movie, to get interested in SW and to fall in love with SW Lego.


    5) which SW character do you like most?
    Ryan: I like the original Stormtrooper, followed by Vader Darth and C-3PO. Stormtrooper is a great taste. Darth Vader struck me more after I watched the EP III. He was so pathetic that fell into a bad guy from a kind one.

    6) As a fan of star wars, how you felt when saw classic roles appeared again in the second trailer of the EP VII?
    Ryan: Very moved, particularly Darth Vader. I thought that he would once again appear in the movie, now I am sure he has left. And I am very concerned about whether Luke will follow the footsteps of his father and fall in the dark side, as well as the special cross lightsaber.

    7) Do you have any expectations for EP VII (or SW restart)?
    Ryan: I am so happy that SW can be restarted. I hope that the movie will keep the style of the past. A large number of Star Wars products will be launched by the end of the year, so save your money!

    8) What SW collections do you have?
    Ryan: I collected Lego mainly, because Lego is slim and easy to be stored. The price of the Stormtrooper troop is relatively cheaper. And I like SW because of Lego, so I collect both Lego’s wearing and figures. I also collected 1 / 6 ratio of precious of figures. I have a small amount of sideshow figures, now I begin to collect Hot Toys: Star Wars figures.

    SW commodities will be rolled out a lot in 2015. Figures will be re-launched regardless of new or old. I am looking forward to my favorite Stormtrooper.

    9) Do you plan to crossover Rumbbell and SW?
    Ryan: Of course. And I am quite interested. I may take this opportunity to promote fitness and SW. If possible, I hope Rumbbell can be integrated into SW perfectly, embodying the style of SW without losing its own characteristics, just as Stitch Jidi, Goofy Darth Vader and so on.

    ▼”Rumbbell x SW” drawn by Ryan, lightsaber change to wool shovel

    10) On the Star Wars wedding of your friend Donald, Hong Kong Garrison of 501st Legion which I belongs to attended as mystery guests. It is said that you contributed to it. Can you tell us about it?
    Ryan: I was just one of the sponsors. It owed most to Donald’s wife JAN. She confirmed the proposal and asked her sisters to help bring it about. When Darth Vader and Stormtrooper mysteriously appeard, Donald was a little sluggish at first, and became surprised and moved later.

    ▼Donald’s wedding in Yr 2011, Hong Kong Garrison of 501st Legion attended as mystery guests

    11) Take the opportunity, what do you would like to say to the fans of SW?
    Ryan: As I said, save your money!

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